Coating line enables use of lower-cost materials

January 15, 2008

American Trim has installed a coating line from Henkel Corp. at its facility.

According to American Trim, the Alodine®EC2™ coating nearly eliminates corrosion; improves wear resistance; enables the use of lower-cost materials, such as aluminum instead of stainless steel; and has good bonding capability when combined with Loctite®l, Hysol®l, and Teroson® adhesives.

Based on Ti electrodeposited oxides, the coating forms on aluminum and aluminum alloys, titanium and titanium and titanium alloys, and aluminized ferrous substrates. Surface hardness is 600 to 800 Vickers. Corrosion resistance is 1,000 to 6,000 hours, depending on the aluminum substrate. Abrasion resistance is 2,000 Taber cycles (C-17 wheel) with no wear at 12 microns. It can bond with most paints, adhesives, Teflon®, Kynar®, and thermal spray coatings, and has a useful coating thickness of 3 to 12 microns.