Coatings for iron, steel protect from corrosion

January 12, 2012

Coatings for iron, steel protect from corrosion -

Three corrosion-protection coatings for iron and steel components are available from Birchwood Casey.

The patented TRU TEMP® process, operating at 200 degrees F, produces a high-quality black finish. An in-house line uses no EPA-regulated chemicals and can be installed in any plant, the company reports. The 30-min. process produces a satin black magnetite coating that is 0.00002 in. thick with no effect on material hardness or tensile strength. Compliant with RoHS and MilSpec, the finish withstands up to 200 hours of neutral salt spray or several hundred hours of humidity.

The PRESTO BLACK® process operates at room temperature and produces a uniform, nondimensional black finish that absorbs a rust preventive topcoat and won’t chip or peel. When configured with an ion exchange system to recycle the rinse waters, it operates as a self-contained, zero-discharge process line. The system is compliant with RoHS and AMS 2484.

The MICROLOK® AO finish is a nontoxic aluminum oxide conversion coating, silver-black in color and RoHS compliant. It uses no EPA-regulated content, and process rinse waters are sewerable as nonhazardous discharge.

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