Deburring system accepts precision-ground parts from carriers

March 29, 2012

Abtex Corp. has expanded its Tri-Ten series of deburring systems to include a model designed for a customer to accept precision-ground parts, in carriers, directly from a grinding, lapping, or honing machine.

As the magnetized belt grips the parts in the carrier, they are presented to the planetary head, where three 10-in. abrasive-filament disc brushes deburr the upward-facing surface. Edge break, surface finish, and material removal are controlled. Parts then are rinsed as they pass under a coolant shower and dried by an air knife before traveling over a demagnetizer.

The parts, still in their carrier, are removed, flipped manually, and sent through the system again to deburr the opposite side of the parts. A system that deburrs both sides of the parts in a single pass also is available.

The brushes can be specified with silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, ceramic, or diamond filaments. All are mounted in the company's proprietary, molded composite material.

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