Depressed-center wheels deliver improved grain microfracturing

October 22, 2013

Depressed-center wheels deliver improved grain microfracturing -

Norton Abrasives has introduced an upgrade of its Best-tier depressed-center wheels for right-angle grinding applications. Its NorZon® Plus wheels now use a proprietary blend of the company's patented, newest-generation SG ceramic alumina and Norton BlueFire™ zirconia alumina abrasives, combined with a new bond system for improved grain microfracturing.

The wheels provide a continual supply of serrated cutting edges to help improve productivity, wheel life, and cost-effectiveness in right-angle grinding applications. They are suitable for steel, stainless steel, and other ferrous metals.

The new line includes NorZon Plus Fast Cut™ depressed-center wheels, which provide the fastest material removal in the industry, according to the manufacturer. These wheels provide a 15 to 30 percent improvement in cut rate over standard NorZon Plus wheels.

Wheels are available in 4- to 9-in. sizes in 0.25-in. thickness.

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