Dry ice blast cleaning process safely removes grease, sludge, sealants, weld slag

October 10, 2006

Cold Jet offers a dry ice blasting system that the manufacturer says is an efficient and environmentally safe process for the removal of excessive grease, sludge, sealants, and weld slag from production equipment.

The process uses solid CO2 media and thermal shock and kinetic energy to blast contaminants from surfaces. As the dry ice (-78.5 degrees C) blasts against the surface, the contaminant loses its adhesion. The warmer temperature of the surface causes the solid CO2 to revert back to gas, leaving no secondary waste and expanding underneath the contaminant, allowing it to break free.

It uses compressed air between 80 and 100 PSIG and the dry ice to create a blast stream that does not affect the equipment, solenoids, fittings, wiring harnesses, or electrical circuitry.

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