Front-load parts washer accepts most automotive parts

May 4, 2004

Cuda Cleaning Systems offers a front-load, automatic parts washer large enough to accommodate engine blocks and other automotive components.

The Cuda 2840 features a 40-in.-high wash cabinet and a 28-in.-wide rotating turntable. The washer comes in 17 models with varying configurations of electrical power, wetted surfaces made of stainless steel, and rinse options.

The washer uses a vertical sealless pump with a high tolerance of particles in the wash solution, the company says. The 3-HP pump delivers 50 GPM and 45 PSI.

ETL safety-certified to UL and CSA specifications, the washer has a roll-in, no-drip door and a load capacity of 750 lbs. It features an easy-accessed, removable, 20-mesh debris screen.

Other features are:

  • Automatic low-water shutoff for added heating element and pump protection
  • 12-in. stainless steel disk oil skimmer
  • Recessed base for simplified access to the wash cabinet
  • Retractable intermediate spray bar for putting the spray closer to the parts
  • Access for cleaning the sump
  • Eye level-mounted control panel with on/off switch, low-water indicator light, and timers for oil skimmer, heater, and wash cycle
  • Sloped tank with 1.5-in. drain pipe for dirty wash water disposal

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