Grinder/polisher stores, recalls 32 methods

January 10, 2011

Grinder/polisher stores, recalls 32 methods -

Buehler has introduced the EcoMet® 250/300 Pro grinder/polisher with AutoMet® 250/300 power head. It can store and recall 32 methods via touchscreen controls. A Zaxis (Z-axis) function removes material by depth instead of time. Platen and power head speeds adjust in 10-RPM increments.

The semiautomatic system, with its programmable and adjustable functions, helps increase consistency and repeatability while ensuring good flatness, the company states. The optional PriMet® Pro modular dispensing satellite uses peristaltic pumps to distribute lubricant, diamond, alumina, and colloidal polishing suspensions.

After determining the average depth of material needed to be removed to reach the damage-free/stress-free section, personnel can program the system to remove a specific amount of material, rather than programming it by time.

Variable speed adjustments provide the flexibility to custom-tailor methods to the type and hardness of a sample. Higher speeds impact the abrasive very aggressively, while slower speeds are gentler on the sample.

The grinder/polisher also is offered in a nonprogrammable version with push-button controls and digital readouts.