Industrial washer includes wash, phosphatizing sections

January 28, 2013

Industrial washer includes wash, phosphatizing sections -

Viking Blast & Wash Systems has released the MRW 4830 wash and phosphatizing system. The washer has a 48-in.-tall by 30-in.-wide wash zone. The redesigned system can be heated with either natural gas or electric heating elements in both the wash and phosphatizing sections.

The washer's pump system delivers 15 HP worth of high-volume water at about 60 PSI, and the phosphatizing system uses 7.5 HP at about 60 PSI. A 20-HP wash pump is optional. Filtration, oil skimming, and sludge drag options help to maintain water quality. The unit is designed for manufacturers who are intending to wet paint or powder coat metal surfaces using monorail-type conveyance.

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