Inline machine cleans castings, forged parts up to more than 25 tons /hr.

March 10, 2009

The Wheelabrator® Continuous Rocker Barrel machine is designed for inline cleaning of castings and forged parts. Several machine sizes are available to satisfy production requirements ranging from less than 5 tons/hr. to more than 25 tons/hr.

The machine has three blast wheels for normal production requirements. The drive that rocks the barrel is controlled from a touchscreen on the operator panel. An adjustable range of rocking motion helps ensure that different-shaped castings can be tumbled satisfactorily. A separate mechanism sets the adjustable decline angle for controlling the flow of castings through the machine.

The control system allows both manual and automatic selection of the work conveyor parameters to compensate for changes in part configurations and cleaning requirements. The combination of a variable decline angle and rocking angle for the work conveyor barrel provides a high degree of control for achieving effective blast coverage.

The machine is built to withstand part conditions from foundries and forge plants, including sand, scale, and other contaminants. An abrasive recycling system including lower shaker reclaim conveyor, bucket elevator, rotary screen, double lip air wash separator, and storage hopper recovers, cleans, and stores the blast media. Magnetic separation also is available for foundry requirements.

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