Inorganic, zinc-rich coating dries quickly

January 14, 2014

Sherwin-Williams has introduced Zinc Clad II Plus FG, a field-grade, inorganic, zinc-rich coating for steel fabrication shops. Featuring a VOC level of less than 340 g/L, the coating meets a Class B slip rating.

The coating is fast-drying, with 76 percent of zinc dust in the dry film. It provides a uniform finish and has a pot life of up to eight hours. The coating complies with 40 CFR Part 63 emissions standards for HAPS.

When used over prepared blasted steel, the coating self-heals to resume protection if damaged in the field. It also provides sacrificial protection by the same mechanism as galvanizing, forming an inorganic barrier to moisture and harsh solvents. It can be applied as a one-coat maintenance coating or as a permanent primer for steel substrates.

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