Large vibratory deburring machine introduced

July 14, 2009

Nova Finishing Systems Inc. has introduced the Supernova 2000 large vibratory deburring machine. The 2-cu.-ft., benchtop unit has a 24-in. square metal stand base and a reinforced stainless steel top plate with 12 standard springs, self-leveling feet, and a standard 0- to 60-minute timer.

The unit stands 26 in. high and has a 12-in.-high bowl with a 24-in. OD. All machines come with a clear plastic cover lid with provisions for a vacuum hose connection. The unit holds 200 lbs. of ceramic media, 150 lbs. of plastic media, or 16 gal.

The bowl has a built-in ramp and a discharge chute secured with four heavy-duty fasteners, two of which also serve as a 1/2-in. drain system. The height of the dump chute is 13 in.

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