Low-VOC rust preventives available in solvent-based, aqueous formulations

May 10, 2012

Low-VOC rust preventives available in solvent-based, aqueous formulations - TheFabricator.com

Birchwood Casey now offers seven different rust preventive products that are compliant with current VOC regulations recently enacted in several states. The corrosion inhibitors and sealants prevent rust and corrosion on all metal surfaces.

The different product formulations allow for variables such as the type of metal surface to be coated; level of protection needed; conditions of exposure in handling, shipping, and storage; removability requirements; and post-treatment operations.

Three of the products are solvent-based to protect raw steel and castings, in-process parts, tooling components in storage, and finished products in warehouses and overseas shipments. Depending on the rust inhibitor selected, the user can achieve protective coatings with either a slightly oily water-displacing film; a dry-to-touch, nonoily sealant; or a soft-waxy, self-healing film. The three products have a 250-degree flash point and are safe to use in all plant settings.

The other four products — a water-dilutable oil, a satin-gloss acrylic wax, a high-gloss urethane polymer sealant, and a high-gloss acrylic polymer emulsion — are aqueous. The products have zero VOC content and no flash point.

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