Machine cleans odd-shaped workpieces

October 10, 2006

The Wheelabrator Smartline™ Y track spinner hanger machine cleans and prepares odd-shaped workpieces that do not fit in table- or tumble-blasting machines.

The self-contained machine includes ducting hoses to the dust collector and an in/out hook spinner drive that reduces operator fatigue, permitting parts to enter and exit the blast cabinet easily. The Y track overhead rail permits one work fixture to be unloaded while the loaded work fixture is being blasted.

The machine comprises a blast cabinet built from a welded steel frame and a in. manganese steel plating internal lining on the blast side and opposing wall. Cabinet doors are built from steel plating, and the door closure forms a labyrinth seal for shot retention while allowing air to intake ventilation.

A vertical bucket elevator, driven by a 1.5-HP gear motor, transfers the abrasive media from the lower hopper. The two trolley hangers can handle 1,100-lb. loads apiece. The spinner drive engages with a work hanger sprocket that pulls the hanger and workpiece into the cabinet. The abrasive separator receives the contaminated abrasive media from the bucket elevator, which is then screened for large impurities and tramp metals.

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