Machine finishes square, rectangular tube in a single pass

August 6, 2012

Machine finishes square, rectangular tube in a single pass -

AM Machinery Sales Inc. offers the FGWH150.8Z flat finishing machine, manufactured by NS-Maquinas Industriais. Developed for continuous and intensive finishing of square tubes and bars in one pass, it has four sets of double abrasive belts.

This eight-station belt grinding machine finishes each side of the profile in a few seconds without having to return it to the infeed side of the machine, making it suitable for tube producers, tube wholesalers, and tube finishing companies.

It uses a wet execution on the abrasive contact points, enabling a soft tube to be finished without bending or deforming the material. The water flows in a closed circuit and is filtered in an automatic station, extending the service life of the machine and components.

A PLC stores several sizes of tubes and bars to simplify machine adjustment for different products. Standard machine capacity is 5.9 in. wide by 3.9 thick, but other configurations are available.

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