Masking resin protects during dry, wet chemical surface treatment

September 12, 2006

Dymax Corp. offers SpeedMask® UV- curable masking resins to protect complex, high-performance turbine components, orthopedic implants, implant hardware, surgical instruments, and medical devices during dry or wet chemical surface treatment processing.

The temporary masking resins provide surface protection from contamination caused by acids, alkalines, plating solutions, and ambient debris from air plasma spray, HVOF, grinding, peening, and grit blasting used during surface treatment processing. Once the surface treatment process is completed, the masking resin can peel, dissolve in water, or burn off.

The solvent-free, nonflammable, urethane-based, and water-soluable polymer resins are available for use in manual or automatic applications in the form of gel, brush-on, or spray-on formulations in a range of viscosities.