Modular sanding machine can be fitted with add-ons quickly

January 15, 2008

Fein Power Tools offers Grit GI belt sanding machines for the metalworking industry. According to the manufacturer, the modular machines can be fitted with add-on modules in minutes.

The machines are available with many options to meet customers' requirements for applications involving rough sanding, finishing work, stock removal, rotary sanding, bore sanding, deburring, and surface sanding. They help reduce the number of steps involved in a single task and are designed to deliver sustained high performance over long periods of operation, the company states.

Each basic belt sanding machine offers two belt widths and can be supplied with optional dust collection attachments. The base models can be expanded to include radius, rotary, and surface sanding modules. With the mobile sanding module, belt sanding machines can be employed for work at floor level – an effective way, for example, of sanding down welded seams on the ground.

For smaller workpieces, the GI 100 can act as a tabletop machine. The unit comes with one or two speed settings. The same applies to the centerless rotary grinder for tubes and the deburring machine for removing burrs and polishing tubes, profiles, and square section stock. The centerless grinder also is suitable for use as a table-mounted machine.

The abrasives are available in three versions: series A for optimum surface quality, series Z for long service life, and series R for extreme sanding operations.

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