Pass-through blast system suitable for cleaning parts that cannot withstand tumbling

April 27, 2010

Viking Blast & Wash Systems has announced the release of the CB3624 pass-through blast system. It is suitable for cleaning small or intricate parts that cannot withstand tumbling.

The unit has a work envelope of 36 in. wide by 24 in. high. It uses four VK PowerMax 1500 blast wheels with 10 to 40 HP, producing estimated cleaning throughput speeds of 5 to 15 FPM. The variable feed rate is adjustable to provide different surface finishes from SSPC-7 brush-off finish to SSPC-5 white metal finish.

The blast cabinet is made of 3/8-in.-thick manganese alloy. For additional protection, direct impingement areas are lined with 1/2-in.-thick, replaceable cast chrome-moly wear plates. The plates are installed with cast chrome nuts and are ship-lapped to help ensure overall protection coverage. Tightly sealed isolation vestibules help buffer the workspace from errant abrasive.

The 36-in.-wide, heavy-duty, manganese chainbelt system conveys parts through the blast chamber and extends 6 ft. beyond the entrance and exit vestibules for loading and unloading.

Air knife or nozzle-type blowoff systems are available for abrasive removal on blasted parts. Dust collection systems also are available.

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