Rotary mesh table cleans small parts offline

June 9, 2009

A Wheelabrator® rotary mesh table system is suitable for cleaning small parts offline using one operator. The machine can process flame-cut shapes, fabrications, automotive parts, aluminum die castings, and forgings with an airless wheel blast process.

Parts and components are loaded onto a 3/8-in.-thick manganese wire mesh table or fixtures that rotate through the blast zone, exposing the parts to top- and bottom-mounted blast wheels.

The table is equipped with a 20-in.-wide manganese wire-mesh work conveyor table with a variable-speed drive. The airless blast system consists of four 13.5-in.-dia. Autoblast® wheel assemblies, direct driven by 10-HP motors. EZEFIT® wheels are available as an option.

Abrasive is contained by drop-in-style polyurethane seals and is reclaimed and recycled by a multi-ply elevator belt with cast malleable iron buckets. New abrasive is supplied by a floor-mounted abrasive adder.

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