Short-run black oxide line imparts coating at low temperature

April 17, 2014

Birchwood Technologies’ Tru Temp black oxide process operates at 200 to 205 degrees F, eliminating boiling chemicals. The finishing line is suitable for use in job shops where short-run black oxide finishing is needed on a rush basis.

The process uses a chemical reaction that is based only on sodium-salt compounds. It uses a two-stage oxidation process with mild chemicals and low temperatures. The process is free of EPA-regulated metals and can be configured to avoid the use of high-VOC compounds.

The durable, satin black magnetite coating, which is 0.5 micron thick, has no effect on material hardness or tensile strength. The finish withstands up to 100 hours of neutral salt spray (ASTM B 117) or several hundred hours of humidity (ASTM D 1748), verified by independent testing.

The finish complies with all current Mil Specs (ELV, RoHS; MIL-DTL-13924D, Class 1; ASTM 2485) and protects the metal surface during shipment, storage, and service.

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