Spindle-blast system handles workcell finishing, surface prep

May 30, 2013

Spindle-blast system handles workcell finishing, surface prep - TheFabricator.com

The RB-RXS-400 rotary indexing spindle-blast machine from Guyson Corp. incorporates a robot nozzle manipulator and two auxiliary axes of coordinated robotic motion of its servomotor-driven spindles. Designed for precision workcell finishing and surface preparation, the machine can be loaded and unloaded by a robot.

A 6-axis FANUC M-10iA robot is rigidly mounted on a pedestal at the rear of the 46- by 42-in. blast cabinet and fitted with protective laminated fabric that seals the back wall of the blasting enclosure and isolates the IP67 device from the potentially abrasive environment of the work chamber.

The end-of-arm tooling consists of a custom-designed gun bracket that secures multiple suction-blast guns and blowoff nozzles for a postblast air wash cycle. Pressure-blast media delivery also is available.

The 180-degree-indexing turntable design enables robotic unloading and loading to take place during the automated blasting cycle. Rotation of both component-holding spindles is synchronized by the FANUC R-30iB robot controller.