Ultrasonic cleaning system handles up to 1,800 parts/hr.

May 23, 2013

Ultrasonic cleaning system handles up to 1,800 parts/hr. - TheFabricator.com

Cleaning Technologies Group LLC has introduced the Blackstone-NEY CleanVeyor ultrasonic parts cleaning system. Combining spray, immersion, and ultrasonic cleaning technologies, the system has been shown to achieve Six Sigma consistency in a number of applications requiring high production outputs and cleanliness levels, the manufacturer reports.

The modular system is suitable for final cleaning of parts with complex and internal geometries before assembly.

In the first process, a spray wash using a rotating brush module removes gross levels of contamination from parts. The second process uses ultrasonic technology in an immersion environment. In this process, the cavitation effect generates extreme local temperatures and pressures, helping to reduce chemical usage.

Three models are available with capacities from 600 to 1,800 parts/hr.