Weld cleaning brush works in hard-to-reach areas

April 14, 2009

Anderson's new Controlled Flare End Brush (CFE) is designed to remove heavy weld spatter, flash, and scale in hard-to-reach areas such as right angles and corners. The patent-pending design of the new brush helps reduce filament fatigue, resulting in less wire breakage in demanding applications. It also allows minimal flaring, so more wire points can clean the surface.

The brush is suitable for heavy-duty fabrication applications such as weld cleaning, deflashing, roughening, rust and oxidation removal, and surface preparation. It is available in steel and stainless steel wire with diameters of 0.0104 in., 0.014 in., and 0.020 in. Brush diameters are 1/2 in., 3/4 in., and 1 in. in various trim lengths.