Weld electrocleaning system components introduced

October 24, 2011

Weld electrocleaning system components introduced - TheFabricator.com

Walter Surface Technologies has introduced new components for its Surfox weld electrocleaning system, including two types of electrolyte cleaning solution, a new application pad, a passivation tester, a stainless steel grade ID tester, and marking kits.

The electrocleaning system cleans stainless steel without pickling pastes. In a typical application, the unit pumps electrolyte solution through an application pad, which cleans and passivates the part. After electrocleaning, the worker applies a neutralizing fluid to remove acid deposits.

The two new electrolyte cleaning solutions are Surfox H for regular use and Surfox T, with a higher pH, for heavy-duty jobs. The new application pad has a conductivity four times greater than the previous pad. Controlled dispersion of the cleaning fluid helps prevent waste and results in a flawless finish on stainless and a mirrorlike finish on chrome, according to the company. Both solutions and the pad clean up to 6 FPM.

The passivation tester provides numeric values for state of the passive layer. The stainless steel grade ID tester allows users to identify grades instantly. The marking kits use the electrochemical process to mark stainless steel surfaces permanently with bar codes, serial numbers, lot and batch numbers, text, and company logos.