Robotic grit-blast system's turntable holds 1,000 lbs.

January 9, 2013

Robotic grit-blast system's turntable holds 1,000 lbs. -

Guyson Corp. has introduced an extended-height robotic grit-blast machine with a 72- by 72-in. work envelope and pressure-blast media delivery for precision surface preparation applications in the aerospace industry, including composite structures.

The model RB-72 uses a FANUC M-20iA robot as a blast nozzle manipulator. The hollow arm of this 6-axis robot allows the blast hose to be routed directly through it. The grit-blasting machine's 36-in.-dia., powered turntable has a 1,000-lb. weight capacity, and the servomotor-driven table is controlled as a seventh axis of coordinated robotic motion to orient components exactly. The table is supplied with T-slots to facilitate positioning of interchangeable fixtures.

The machine maintains the correct nozzle angle, standoff distance, and surface speed as it follows the contours of complex-shaped components throughout the programmed blasting cycle, thus enabling consistency in production of a specific roughness on target surfaces, both from one area of the component to another and from part to part.