Hydroforming press suitable for production, materials research applications

July 15, 2008

Interlaken Technology Corp. offers hydroforming press systems for use in production and materials research applications. The computer-controlled hydraulic press systems, which incorporate data acquisition, are designed to hydroform tube and sheet.

The press systems are equipped with the company's UniPress control system. Simplified Windows®-compatible interface software enables users to build motion and force profiles designed to fit specific forming requirements. The multichannel, closed-loop control system can be programmed to handle event and time dependencies. The control system offers dynamic mode switching, which enables users to switch between a variety of feedbacks, such as force, position, and internal pressure.

The press systems also feature two modes of operation. The learning/research mode determines tool and die specifications, measures and optimizes processes, and programs forces and motions. The production mode runs the optimized profile while monitoring and recording process variables.

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