4-kW disk laser has 7 mm*mrad beam quality

July 13, 2004

TRUMPF will introduce the first 4-kW disk laser, the HLD 4002, to the North American market at IMTS 2004. Four disks provide the resonator power and result in beam quality of 7 mm*mrad. The beam is coupled to a fiber with a core diameter of 200 microns.

The new laser is an improvement of the HLD 1001.5 previously introduced by the company. Designed to produce virtually no thermal lensing, the new laser's reduced focus diameter facilitates higher operating speeds, shorter cycle times, and lower heat input into the workpiece. In aluminum welding, the threshold intensity is reached with lower power and a small focus. This characteristic also enhances speed when cutting thin sheet metal.

When cutting or welding thick sheet metal, the laser's beam quality is transposed to greater work distance and field depth, allowing for more compact processing optics. The laser is suitable for welding or cutting areas that are difficult to reach or when the focusing optics are integrated into the machining station, the company says.

The modularly designed lasers incorporate the latest generation of controls.

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