Diffusion-cooled annular CO2 laser outputs 2 kW

July 13, 2004

TRUMPF will highlight its new diffusion-cooled CO2 laser at IMTS 2004. The TCF 1 has a unit volume of 12.4 ft.3, weighs 550 lbs., and outputs 2 kW.

The laser has an annular arrangement of electrodes. The laser light is generated between the two tube-shaped electrodes. Free beam propagation in the resonator and the cooling electrodes coaxial arrangement provide enhanced stability, the company says.

The resonator unifies the functions into one structure. The electrode tubes function as the laser's load-bearing structure and the assembly platform for the beam-forming device. The outer electrode also functions as the RF-shielding device.

Gas consumption is reduced because the laser's vacuum system is limited to the annular gap between the electrodes, the company says. The gas supply is integrated into the compact laser head.

The laser has a small footprint and is simple to install. It also is suitable for mounting on robots.

The energy-efficient laser is suitable for processing thin sheet metal and can be used in clean-room conditions because the laser head does not generate air movement.

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