Diode laser delivery systems designed for relatively larger numerical apertures, fiber diameters

September 7, 2010

Laser Mechanisms has introduced a line of diode laser beam delivery systems with output wavelengths from about 800 to 980 nm. The units are designed for the relatively larger numerical apertures and fiber diameters of direct-diode systems. Units with SMA-905, QBH, LLK-B (Q5), and other fiber receivers are available.

After the collimator, the company can add any of its beam delivery components, such as turning mirrors with through-the-lens CCTV viewing and monocular/binocular viewing. For fine work, a through-the-lens illumination system also is offered.

Closer to the workpiece are the manufacturer's cartridge-style lens and coverslide holders for alignment and inspection of the optics and quick coverslide changes. Gas nozzles and air-knife systems are available for laser processes from cutting and welding to heat treating and cladding.

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