Efficient laser cutting machine introduced

July 20, 2009

Bystronic, a manufacturer of cutting and bending systems, has introduced the BySprint Pro 3015 high-speed laser cutting system.

Designed for economic efficiency, the system combines the Bylaser 4400, 4.4 kW laser source with high machine dynamics. The laser source has wear-free solid-state power supplies and a magnetic-bearing turbine. The excitation is automatically switched off when the protective door is opened and when the machine is at standby.

The system is equipped for compressed air cutting, and in combination with the newly optimized 3.75-in. cutting head, cut times on thin sheet metal can be reduced by between 15 to 40 percent as compared with its 5-inch counterpart, the company says. Although it has been optimized for thin sheet metal processing, the system also can process thick plates efficiently because of its high laser power.

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