Fiber laser comes with three cutting modes

April 15, 2014

Murata Machinery USA Inc. offers the Muratec LS3015FC fiber laser for precision cutting of sheet metal and such reflective materials as copper and aluminum.

Incorporating IPG resonators, the laser uses about one-third less power than conventional CO2 lasers, states the company. In addition, mirror cleaning, laser gas, and other CO2 consumables are eliminated. The operator can monitor power and gas consumption and material processing rates in real time.

The machine can be set to the operator’s choice of three cutting modes: high quality, economy, and high speed. It features linear drives on all axes. A dual-pallet system preps new material and eliminates parts and scrap from falling onto the material during exchange.

The cutting area is fully enclosed and equipped with a recirculating ventilation system. Double sliding doors provide 53 in. of open access.

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