Fiber laser cutting machines achieve up to 328-FPM cutting speed

February 25, 2014

MSS Lasers has launched a new line of fiber laser cutting machines in the U.K. The Eagle eVision and iNspire fiber laser machines offer linear drives on all three axes and a low-inertia carbon fiber transverse bridge construction. This enables the machines to accelerate at up to 6G and achieve cutting speeds of more than 328 FPM.

Table change times are less than 10 sec., minimizing idle time between sheets. Laser power options are available from 2 kW up to 6 kW for cutting thick material. The rigid carbon fiber bridge and polymer concrete frame help minimize vibration and heat-related deflection of the machine geometry.

The machines come in bed sizes up to 19.69 by 8.2 ft., enabling them to cut large sheets.