Fiber-laser cutting system delivers 4,724-IPM traverse speed

September 6, 2012

Fiber-laser cutting system delivers 4,724-IPM traverse speed -

Mazak Optonics offers the Optiplex 3015 fiber for thin worksheet cutting. The laser processes reflective materials such as copper, brass, aluminum, and exotic aerospace materials, as well as carbon steel.

The machine features a traverse speed of 4,724 IPM. Its Mazak Preview 2 CNC, with a 3-D graphic screen, automatically determines the required processing conditions for the material before cutting.

The unit offers an 80 percent reduction in oscillator and chiller electrical power consumption, as well as a 100 percent reduction in laser and optical path gases when compared to conventional laser processing, according to the manufacturer.

The machine adopts a building-block approach for laser capacity growth, which means it integrates into Mazak automation and complements the manufacturer's line of CO2 lasers.

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