Fiber laser cutting system designed for process automation

August 27, 2014

Mazak Optonics Corp. offers the new Optiplex 3015 fiber laser cutting system with a Zeta-7 cutting head and Preview 3 control.

The cutting head features functions to automate and optimize the fiber laser process, including beam diameter control, nozzle changing, focus calibration, auto focus control, pierce sensing, plasma detection, and burn detection. It is designed to help reduce operator dependency and improve cut quality and productivity, especially for varied workpiece materials, according to the manufacturer.

The machine helps increase the productivity of thin to thick worksheet cutting with accuracy, says the company. It also is designed to process reflective materials at higher speeds than its CO2 counterpart and can reduce operating costs for applicable material types and thicknesses, the manufacturer states.

The control includes a 15-in. touchscreen control and automatically determines the required processing conditions for the material before cutting.

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