Fiber lasers available in several new models

May 17, 2012

IPG has introduced a variety of new fiber lasers.

The company has added new models with output power up to 100 W to its line of high-power, low-noise, single-mode, single-frequency CW green fiber lasers. The GLR series lasers feature compact, air-cooled, 19-in. 3U or 4U rack-mounted pump lasers with very small and lightweight heads that do not require water or air cooling.

Pulsed green fiber lasers provide a high peak power with scalable average output power up to 50 W and pulse duration of 1 ns at full operational frequency of 10 to 900 kHz. The all-fiber format allows adjustment of pulse energy and change of pulse repetition rate without affecting the output beam parameters. M2 is less than 1.2.

The TLR-150-WC thulium fiber laser systems are designed for use in the industrial, medical, and R&D markets for high-power, compact, wavelength-selectable, single-mode CW sources from 1,800 to 2,100 nm.

The YLPS-20 is an all-fiber-format, picosecond laser for precision material micromachining.

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