Flatsheet laser cutter accelerates up to 1.5 G

August 10, 2004

The TC L 3030 Plus, TRUMPF Inc.'s 5- by 10-ft. flat sheet laser cutter achieves acceleration rates up to 1.5 G through its Innovative Plus axis technology, the company says. The machine will be introduced at FABTECH 2004 in Cleveland.

The small, lightweight, independently operating axis facilitates quick acceleration/deceleration and positioning within a 1- by 5-ft. area. According to the company, part cycle times can be reduced by nearly 20 to 30 percents for typical parts in up to 1/8-in.-thick material. Control software evaluates the part's geometry and determines the most efficient way to process the job.

Standard quick-change cutting heads and a comprehensive materials database allow the operator to switch from thin sheet to thick plate quickly. Nitrojet high-pressure cutting and advanced process control (APC) allow thin sheet processing at speeds in excess of 1,000 IPM. A new Pierce Control System, Autolas plus programmable focus control, 7.5-in. cutting head, and plasma sensing system aid thick plate processing.

All laser cutter incorporates a Windows® NT-based PC controller and can be fully networked. The control has an activity-oriented user interface and online help. ToPs 100 lite programming software also is integrated into the control.

The machine comes with a standard pallet changer and is available with advanced automation options.

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