Gas mixers help eliminate contaminants in laser cutting

November 6, 2013

Gas mixers help eliminate contaminants in laser cutting -

For industrial applications requiring high-pressure/high-flow gas mixtures, such as laser cutting, Witt offers the MG 50/100 HP gas mixer. A precise mixture of nitrogen and oxygen forms a cryogenic atmosphere to provide moisture- and debris-free air, eliminating contaminants that can affect cut quality.

The mixer provides constant gas mixtures of any two defined gases. Featuring a proportional mixing valve with a percentage-based control knob, the mixer allows gas mixture withdrawal from 0 to maximum flow capacity.

The mixer features a stainless steel housing and a lockable, transparent door to protect settings. As an option, users can monitor the gas supply by means of pressure switches. A too-low inlet pressure triggers an optical alarm (audible optional) to shut down machinery.

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