High-energy picosecond pulses enable machining of thick materials

September 20, 2013

High-energy picosecond pulses enable machining of thick materials - TheFabricator.com

Coherent Inc. has expanded the Talisker HE series of ultrafast industrial lasers. Its high-energy pulses enable drilling, cutting, and scribing of thick materials.

It is available with a choice of output options: 200-µJ pulse energy in the near-IR (1,064 nm), 120-µJ per pulse in the green (532 nm), and 40-µJ pulse energy in the ultraviolet (355 nm). The laser is suitable for high-throughput, precision materials processing in industries such as automotive, biomedical, consumer electronics, mobile display, and 3-D semiconductor.

The picosecond lasers use the cold ablation process, which reduces unwanted thermal effects for improved quality, minimized HAZ, and no melt debris.

The high-energy pulses are used in a variety of materials processing techniques. Single-shot pulses replace percussively drilled holes, and very thick materials are drilled with reduced taper. The deep, high-aspect-ratio structuring aids engraving and trepanning.

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