Kilowatt-class fiber lasers offer improved wall plug efficiency

February 13, 2013

IPG Photonics Corp. has introduced a line of kilowatt-class, low-mode ytterbium fiber lasers. The 1,060-nm YLS-xxx-Y13 series offers up to 33 percent wall plug efficiency, up to two times average improvement in beam quality, and more than three years' estimated mean time of uninterrupted laser operation.

New features include higher-power diode modules; a filter block with three times higher damage power threshold; single-mode fiber modules; high-efficiency, modular digital power supplies; digital laser diode current drivers; a control system that allows integrated control of both the laser and the process subsystem; compact, hermetically sealed multichannel beam switches; sealed laser cabinet design; and high-performance process heads for welding, cutting, and remote welding.

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