Large-volume multiaxis laser system guarantees volumetric accuracy

April 24, 2013

Large-volume multiaxis laser system guarantees volumetric accuracy -

Prima Power Laserdyne has introduced the Laserdyne 795 XLZ. The system has a 72-in. extended Z axis, 80-in. X axis, 40-in.Y axis, and the latest BeamDirector3 (BD3) rotary-tilt laser beam positioning head.

The laser is designed to drill, cut, and weld medium- to large-volume 3-D parts with a minimum of setups. It features a moving-beam motion system and includes a variety of hardware and software features. According to the manufacturer, it is the only multiaxis laser system that guarantees volumetric accuracy within this large volume.

The machine is suitable for aerospace, turbine engine, and contract manufacturing companies that require flexibility of motion and tight tolerances when laser processing. Applications include hole drilling in combustion liners, hydroformed exhaust and heat shield components, nozzle guide vanes and blades, trimming of stamped and spun parts, and shaped holes for land-based and aero turbine components.

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