Laser cutter has automated material handling option

January 10, 2006

TRUMPF Inc. offers a material handling option on the TC L 2510 laser cutting machine that increases its capacity to run unattended. The new hydraulic transport cart loads and unloads different materials and thicknesses onto and off of the machine.

Different stations, each with an individual capacity of 6,600 lbs., may be loaded with a variety of material sizes, up to 4 by 10 ft. The pallets are transferred to the machine and accessed by the unit's integrated sheet loading system. The pedestal system is integrated with the machine and works directly from the machine control. A production planner screen on the control allows the user to define the sequence of the jobs to be run.

Additional pedestals can be added to the line to increase the amount or type of raw material available to the machine. A cart and pedestals matching the loading positions can be added to the unload side of the machine.

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