Laser cutting machine requires half the floor space of a typical 5- by 10-ft. machine

October 18, 2010

TRUMPF's TruLaser 1030 2D laser cutting system has two new options that allow fabricators to choose the model that best fits their preferences and business requirements. Initially available with the TruCoax 2000 diffusion cooled RF laser resonator, the TruLaser 1030 has expanded to include the TruLaser 1030 fiber with TruDisk 2001, which features 2.0 kW solid state laser power, and the TruLaser 1030 with TruCoax 2500, which has 2.5 kW of power.

Designed and built in the United States, the TruLaser 1030 requires half of the floor space of a typical 5 x 10 foot machine.

The TruLaser 1030 fiber is available with a TruDisk 2001 solid state laser. With 2kW of laser power, the TruLaser 1030 fiber has specific application when cutting thin gauge sheet metal and reflective materials.

The TruLaser 1030 with TruCoax 2500 features 25 percent more laser power and a new style RF generator integrated in the machine cabinet. This generator replaces the tube generator in the original model. The higher laser power results in cutting speed increases that average 20 percent, the company says. The new RF generator reduces maintenance costs.

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