Laser cutting system designed for 2-D steel parts up to 1 in. thick

December 12, 2006

Mazak Optonics Corp. has introduced the Hyper Turbo-X 2-D laser cutting system for 2-D steel parts up to 1 in. thick.

The system's Takumi(Japanese for "craftsmanship") bed is an enclosed box-frame design. Tabbed laser-cut sides and cross members, connected with a series of tie rods, dampen vibration from internal and external sources.

A top traverse rate of 1,969 IPM is accomplished through noncontact linear motors that drive and guide the axis motions on a thin film of air. The X axis uses two guides and motors, while the Y and Z axes contain a single guide and motor. Antifriction linear roller assemblies support the table and part loads.

The six-torch changer magazine combined with a 10-nozzle changer automatically reconfigures the setup via part program. Once the correct torch and nozzle are mounted, the machine automatically executes a CCD camera inspection of the nozzle tip,looking for spatter or other anomalies. If irregularities are found, it executes a programmed refinish operation by cycling the nozzle tip over a resident combination grinding wheel and wire brush unit.

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