Laser cutting system designed to provide consistent beam power

April 15, 2008

Mitsubishi Laser's LVPLUSIIlaser cutting system incorporates 40CF-R resonator technology designed to reduce the rise time and fall time of square wave pulse. The technology is designed to provide consistent beam power during the cutting process and a consistent edge quality. In addition, the uniform, low-current discharge provides low-power stability to help improve micromachining and etching.

The system includes Brilliantcut technology, which is designed to produce a cutting surface roughness equivalent to a typical machined finish, optimize processing conditions, and reduce taper and discoloring on the HAZ.

Jet Pierce technology decreases part time by allowing material to be pierced quickly and aggressively during small-hole processing, the company states. Upgraded height sensor hardware gives the system twice the tracing ability of the company's previous-generation model, the LVPLUS.

The new model is constructed in a heavy-duty, one-piece machine design. A solid Dianite casting provides stability with the machine tool, resonator, and power supply incorporated onto a single platform.

The company's Diamond-Path Technology, which maintains consistent beam quality by using a constant beam length system, provides cutting stability at speeds up to 1,150 IPM across all processing areas. The processing head has multiple features designed to enable high-speed cutting on a range of materials.

The laser cutting system is modular to allow unattended processing. It is available with MELS EYE, an optional intelligent process monitoring system that includes auto focusing, burn detection, pierce detection, and plasma detection.