Laser cutting system features three-lens cutting head

December 12, 2006

The Platino 1530 2-D laser cutting system from Prima North America now features a new three-lens cutting head that helps expand the system's cutting capabilities.

The cutting head gives users a choice of a 10-in. focal length in addition to the standard 5- and 7.5-in. lenses. The 10-in. lens increases the depth of focus and enlarges the spot diameter for uniform cut quality of thick stainless up to 5/8 in., thick aluminum up to in., and thick mild steel up to 1 in. The 10-in. lens is incorporated into the company's cutting head with a capacitive sensor, true autofocus, rapid lens change, and crash protection system.

The system offers a compact footprint along with a Cartesian cantilever structure that provides three-sided access. The machine frame, CNC, laser resonator, beam-delivery system, axes of movement, and laser head are integrated into a compact structure. It delivers an X-axis length of 120 in. and a Y-axis length of 60 in. Using a flying-optics beam-delivery system, the laser cutter holds the workpiece remains stationary during the cutting process.

The system is available with a 2,500-, 3,500-, or 4,000-W CO2laser resonator. Positioning accuracy and repeatability are 0.001 in. Other features include fume collection; an exhausting and filtering system; fiber-optic-connected digital servo drives; 15-in. flatscreen monitor with touchscreen functions and incorporated trackball; offline programming software PICAM with AUTONEST; automatic sheet referencing system; and high-pressure, programmable assist gas.

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