Laser cutting system has flexible layout, small footprint

February 10, 2009

Amada America Inc. has unveiled its LC-3015F1NT laser cutting system. The machine is designed to have a flexible layout in a small footprint.

The three-axis linear-drive system features true closed-loop feedback of the head position directly to the NC. In addition, NC processing has been accelerated on the machine, which helps reduce piercing time and running costs.

According to the company, the system produces sharp cut corners over the full thickness range. The WACS™ (water-assisted cutting system) provides stable cutting and helps increase productivity.Twin adaptive optics control the beam diameter for cutting thin to thick sheets, eliminating the need for lens change. A cutting detection system helps decrease mistakes by monitoring the cutting process. An eight-station changer is optional to change, clean, and calibrate the nozzle and head based on cutting conditions.

An AMNC/PC NT-based touchscreen control helps simplify the operation and management of the laser system. Frequently used functions such as origin return, jog cut, positioning, and nozzle/head replacement position can be called up with one-touch operation. The control also allows the consolidation of functions and the ability to select optimum conditions for piercing, corner treatment, and other operations. Settings of up to 10 conditions each for material thickness and as many as 200 material types are permitted.

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