Laser cutting system includes a CV5000 resonator

February 10, 2009

Prima North America Inc. offers the Optimo five-axis, 3-D laser cutting system. It includes a CV5000 laser resonator, which the company says helps the system achieve high cutting speeds, process thick materials, and produce cuts with a reduced HAZ.

The direct-drive head requires no gears or complex kinematics, removing backlash and wear. Three independent axes provide a high speed of 1.5 revolutions per second and a rotating axes accuracy of 0.005 degree. The axes are modular in design to help achieve reliability and simplified maintenance.

The C axis offers a long stroke (&#plusmn; 10 mm) and a 4-G acceleration. In addition, it automatically adapts to any variation in the sheet metal, making it a true sixth NC axis, the manufacturer states.

The split cabin fully encloses the machine and work area, including its ceiling. The workpiece is accessible, allowing the operator to move around parts for loading, unloading, and programming. The accessible structure supports the laser cutting system's integration with a variety of robotic systems.

The focal position control (FPC) function eliminates production setup changes when alternating material types and thicknesses. In addition, the laser cutting system can be programmed offline with 3-D Cenit FasTRIM software.

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