Laser cutting system processes sheet up to 1,500 mm by 3,000 mm

July 10, 2007

Strippit®/LVD has expanded its line of Orion CO2 laser cutting systems with the Orion 3015Plus and the Orion 3015 Auto Load/Unload.

The laser cutting systems process materials in sheet sizes up to 1,500 mm by 3,000 mm. Their hybrid-style design comprises a rigid, precision rack-and-pinion drive system that controls motion and position. The rigid framework allows high processing speeds that maintain cut quality, states the company. A beam delivery system provides alignment and a stable beam path.

The 3015Plus model provides automatic focal positioning, improved process control functionality, and an optional automatic load/unload system. The automatic NC focus uses an AC servomotor to adjust to the optimum focal position for in-process material. Focal positions for several materials are automatically determined and set by the machine's onboard technology tables and NC focus system, respectively.

A built-in capacitive height sensor automatically maintains a constant distance between the head and the plate, compensating for material unevenness.

The standard laser cutting head accommodates a 5-in. or 7.5-in. water-cooled quick-change lens. Operators can install or exchange the lenses with a self-centering system. Lens calibration is programmable.

Other automatic standard features include cutting-gas selection and cutting-gas pressure control with servo valve.

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