Laser cutting system upgraded

June 12, 2007

Cincinnati Incorporated offers the GE Fanuc C200E Level UP resonator as an upgrade to the CL-6 laser cutting system. The resonator offers a 2500-W cutting speed, compared with the previous 2000-W model, while maintaining the same electrical input and chiller load, according to the company.

The laser uses standard noncontact heads and an optional tactile head. The noncontact heads maintain precise standoff from conductive materials, allowing the user to cut sheets that are not completely flat.

A Windows® NT™ control enables operators to store and load production programs, and Ethernet allows part program downloading. The company's CAM programming and nesting software converts 2-D CAD files into machine code.

Dynamic power control, standard on the laser cutting system, automatically adjusts laser power to feed rate to maintain consistent kerf width and edge condition. It also eliminates involved CNC programming of power control. Enhanced pulsing produces smooth edges and reduces the HAZ.

"Look ahead" control capability anticipates and corrects tool path errors, increasing hole-cutting feed rates and creating accurate contours. A rapid pierce option reduces piercing time for materials 3/16 in. or thicker and can reduce overall processing time on parts or nests that require several pierces.

The system has a heavyweight frame, fabricated from -in. to 1-in. steel.

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