Laser machine cuts large workpieces with reduced electrical consumption

February 5, 2014

Mitsubishi Laser has introduced the RX series laser system, designed as a cost-effective option for cutting large workpieces. The ML4020 RX machine is built to handle workpieces up to 13 by 6.5 ft. Resonators are available in 45 and 60CF-R.

The Blow Pierce feature can reduce piercing times in mild steel up to 80 percent, the company reports. The new FAB control feature expands the focal range of the beam, allowing more stability across the cutting area. New Motion Cut technology allows the laser to move through thin materials at high speeds.

To keep costs down, the ECO Mode reduces electrical consumption, while resonator cleanliness puts less stress on optical parts and helps elongate optical life, states the manufacturer. Patented resonators can help reduce assist gas consumption by up to 30 percent.

Simple true nesting allows for quick, on-site response times, and a double-cut function allows cutting of protected sheet metal. The offcut cutting function cuts remnants from the nested sheet for increased material yield rate.