Laser mirrors, reflectors available for high-, low-power lasers

July 10, 2007

Laser Research Optics offers CO2 mirrors and reflectors for high-power and low-power lasers used in etching, engraving, cutting, drilling, and welding applications.

The mirrors are available for lasers from 25 W to several kilowatts and are optimized for 10.6 µm at 45 degrees AOI. They are offered in silicon, with enhanced copper or DMBR coatings, for general use; in uncoated molybdenum for harsh environments; and in copper with gold coatings for high-power applications.

Available in sizes from 1 in. dia. to 3 in. dia, the mirrors range from 0.07 in. to 0.39 in. thick with ±0.000-in./-0.005-in. tolerance. Silicon mirrors exhibit less than 2 percent absorption and scatter losses. The molybdenum mirrors achieve greater than 98.1 percent average reflectance with less than 1.9 percent absorption and scatter. Total and phase retardation reflectors are available.

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